Bodylastics Vs a Gym Membership – A Comparison by a Former YMCA Member

So you have made up your mind to get into some training, or you have been training and are looking for a less expensive and less time consuming way to train. One of the areas you might explore is the Bodylastics home training system featuring resistance elastic bands. This system was developed by Blake Kessel and first marketed in 1998. Total customers are over 1,200,000.
For the last 4 years, I have been a Michigan wintertime member of the local YMCA and under the supervision of a personal trainer directed system there. My motivation to join was brought about by my being a prostate cancer survivor and recognizing the need to stay in good physical shape to help prevent any return of the cancer. In the summer I leave my exercise to approximately 100 plus rounds of golf. After some dissatisfaction with the time and money associated with the YMCA program, I started looking for some alternatives. Having heard much about the Bodylastics system, I thought I would do a comparison. The following is a summary of that comparison as to effectiveness, cost, and time efficiency.
Is Bodylastics an adequate substitute for free weights and weight machines in a gym atmosphere such as the YMCA?
Each year I start out at the Y with a 30-60 minute session with a personal trainer. She puts together an exercise program that best keeps me in good health ( I am not a muscle builder, but simply want to be in reasonably good shape) These exercises make use of the myriad machines available and generally consist of 3 different machines for the legs, and nine different machines for the back, shoulder, and arms. There is also a small amount of time devoted to free weights. Total time to perform these exercises usually is 20-25 minutes, followed by a cardiovascular routine that consists of fast walking laps on the indoor track for about an hour. In looking at Bodylastics I found at minimum it offered 140 different exercises, many of which duplicated the ones done at the YMCA. In terms of the amount of resistance, the special Bodylastics “quick clip system” allows not only quick changes to different exercises, but also allow adding up to 7 resistance bands to give all the resistance needed.
Even though the Bodylastics system compared favorable from a weight resistance training standpoint, there is one negative… does not offer cardiovascular exercise such as the indoor track at the Y. Of course, a substitute is simply walking outside or purchasing a machine for use in the home. In Michigan walking outside is available most of the year with the exception of some exceptionally cold and/or snow filled days. Thus, this may be an area that is going to be limited with just the Bodylastics approach.
Bodylastics’ basic unit for beginners of average strength is $49.95, with upgrades to $59.95 for those of above average strength, and $99.82 for exceptionally strong individuals. Now let’s compare this to belonging to a gym, specifically, in my case, to the YMCA. Monthly membership fees are $44/month. This includes weight training and cardiovascular, but also a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, basketball gym, and a roller blade rink. The latter 4 areas I do not use at all.
The distance from my home was 6.9 miles, or a round trip of approximately 14 miles. With my MPG of 22, and an average exercise frequency of 5 times per week, and cost of gas at $2.25 per gallon, travel costs were $7.15 per week, or $30.80 per month. For the 6 months each year that I am a member, the cost is $185.00. 
The total cost of the YMCA for membership and travel for 6 months that is duplicated each and every year is $449.00 versus the beginning Bodylasts set cost of $49.95, a one time expenditure. Needless to say, this is a significant difference.
Time efficiency:
Bodylastics does not require a daily 20 minute round trip to the YMCA. This trip can be considerably longer in Michigan when the snow flies, or icy roads are encountered. Once at the gym, there is time check in, change into workout clothes, and sometimes having to wait to use a machine.
Probably the most significant time savings occur when out of town. This is when I have to search for the local YMCA, find out how to get there, actually get there, and then pay a guest fee. With the Bodylastics contained in a 3# bag with a door attachment, it can simply be taken to and used at any travel destination.
In comparing Bodylastics with a gym program like the YMCA, Bodylastics appears to be the clear winner. It duplicates all the weight machines and free weights available at the gym and it offers significant savings. There are a couple of negatives, however, one being the lack of an indoor track for getting a good cardiovascular workout, and the lack of people to exercise with to maintain your motivation. The 60 day money back guarantee for Bodylastics, however, offers a sufficient period of time to see if you can motivate yourself and get your cardiovascular workout by walking outside or perhaps purchasing a machine for your home. No matter which exercise program you choose, it is of utmost importance to choose one. Don’t delay. I have found it is vital to one’s health.

Source by Tom Buck

Weider Home Gym – A Great Fitness Machine

Buying a Weider home gym means buying an excellent fitness product at half the cost of other exercise machines. Weider makes sturdy, excellent fitness equipment for a low cost. Their equipment is built as well as commercial equipment is, but it is created for home use, which results in lower costs. Weider home gyms have been the name in home gym fitness centers for years. There are a number of excellent pieces of equipment Weider makes to meet your fitness vision.

Weider Pro 9635 Home Gym

This fine piece of Weider exercise equipment has everything you need to develop your major muscle groups. Its eight stations include a bench press, butterfly arms, a leg developer, a high and low pulley system, a military press, a leg press, and a vertical knee raise. It has three hundred and sixty pounds of maximum resistance, and durable vinyl cushioning that will last the life of the center.

Weider Boxing Gym

This complete Weider home gym offers a great workout with a number of boxing features for added dimension. Boxing can provide you with health benefits you may have previously overlooked like hand-eye coordination, response time, and extra muscle tone. Boxing can also be a great way to work on your self-defense techniques in our increasingly dangerously society. This complete system has a forty pound punching bag, a speed bag, a chest press, a leg developer, butterfly arms, and a low pulley. Whew, talk about a complete system. It’s patented plate loader system helps speed your workout up to get you out of the gym and enjoying your life.

Weider Pro 2200 Strength Trainer

This model offers a compact presentation with everything you might need in a home fitness gym including high and low pulleys, a chest press, padded butterfly arms, lat bar, padded leg developer, and an ankle strap. This Weider product, like most, also features an exercise chart to help you begin building your ideal workout.

Source by Steve Mathews

7 Ways Why Hiking is Better Than Going to the Gym

Gyms definitely have their place. Let’s face it, without health & fitness clubs, many people would never work out. There are certain people, and you may be one of this group, who simply need a gym-like environment full of people, machines & weights to motivate them to workout. A gym atmosphere does much to push some people into getting into shape. Whether it’s the sight of people in better condition than we are, or maybe just the opposite, those who are worse off & make us feel better about ourselves; whatever the reason, health clubs do a great deal to help thousands & perhaps millions of people to exercise and achieve a better fitness level.

Treadmills, stair-steppers, spinning classes, aerobic classes, Tae Bo, kick boxing, yoga, pilates, the list goes on. All these aerobic exercises & classes each appeal to different people, and if practiced with intensity & commitment, will yield results. For the most part, all these aforementioned activities take place inside a building, usually a health or fitness club. Yet I’d like to mention an activity which I feel can be healthier & more physically stimulating than any of these other activities: hiking.

One of the best all-around aerobic activities that anyone can engage in is hiking. The best part, there’s no fee where you practice this, as it’s accomplished in nature’s own health club, the outdoors! Yes, going to the gym and pushing the pedals, tramping the treadmill or straining on the stair-stepper will definitely burn off unwanted body fat and do your body good. But in my opinion, a gym simply can’t compete with nature. Off the top of my head, here’s seven benefits of hiking over indoor aerobic activity:

1.Breathing crisp, fresh air is healthier than the intake of body-odor-sweat-laden gym air. Tastes better too!

2.Hiking stimulates & sharpens every physical sense.

3.Increases brain function.

4.Gyms are crowded. Can’t really be alone with your thoughts in a gym full of people.

5.Costs less. Once you’ve bought a good pair of hiking boots or shoes, there are no more fees.

6.You don’t need to wait for a trail to hike, as you do for machines or weights in a gym.

7.Outdoors is more diverse. Gyms are all pretty much the same.

In 2004, results were released of a fascinating study involving how hiking influences the fats & sugars in one’s blood. Austrian researchers announced their findings following an in depth comparison of two groups of people chosen for studying the effects of hiking. This took place in the Alps at a ski resort mountain. One group hiked uphill for two months, while the second group were transported by cable car to a higher elevation, then hiked downhill. The groups switched their respective programs after this two month period, repeating the experiment.

The findings revealed that hiking both uphill & downhill provides excellent health benefits. Both directions of hiking reduced LDL cholesterol levels, known as “bad” cholesterol. Triglyceride levels were reduced from hiking uphill only, while downhill hiking was almost twice as effective in removing blood sugars and improving glucose tolerance.

That’s some pretty amazing information. I always knew that hiking was great for the body, but this particular study breaks it down and shares information that I didn’t know. Researchers from the Vorarlberg Institute for Vascular Investigation and Treatment are those who performed this intensive study. Up until now, the benefits of hiking could only be theorized and no true scientific information was available. Hiking is indeed great for raising our fitness levels & keeping us healthy!

Source by Steve H.

Joining Racquetball Gyms

One of the many benefits of racquetball is the handiness of playing courts. There appears to be one in every high school gym or some park.

Regrettably, outside weather is occasionally not on your side. Or occasionally, your usual public courts might just be too hot for your playing comforts.

What are your alternatives? A private gym is one great idea if you want to join for the sole aim of having a favorable, year-round access to racquetball courts. Yet, there are some considerations to examine before you join in one.

First, let us look at the disadvantages.


One of the big complaints about private members-only gyms is the price. Some would allow you to enroll at a racquetball-only membership.

The sad part is you will have to spend out a pricey initiation fee that can run up to many hundreds of dollars. This is more than your monthly due which is around $10 to $40 reckoning on the area where you reside.


This can get tricky. Your gym might simply have a restricted number of courts. During peak business hours, you may have to wait for a vacant court even though you had scheduled your play time earlier.

The briskest times are early morning, early night-time and lunch time. The best times on weekdays are between 8 and 10 a.m., 1 and 4 p.m. and after 7 p.m. Avoid morning hours on weekends. Afternoons or evenings are good.

If your gymnasium has seasonal racquetball leagues and you are not participating, you should have a tough time acquiring a court for the whole season.

Here are the benefits of connecting to a gym.


If your gym does not supply racquetball-only memberships, you will have to buy a full membership. Happily, this grants you admission to an range of fitness families, weights and cardio machines.

They could even have you use their basketball courts, the sauna and the swimming pool. Using these additional facilities will help you enter better shape to play racquetball. Some gyms also offer free child care allowing you and your life-partner to relish your game.


Many gyms have racquetball leagues. If you are new in town, joining the league affords you to meet fellow players and new friends.

These guys are only as adamant as you’re in the game and they are more than prepared to share their insights and pointers.


One good thing about exclusive gyms is the quality of the courts C clean, and regularly well-maintained. They are often located indoors to make certain members can play all year round. Since you are paying good money, damages on the floor are rapidly fixed.


Before committing to anything, you can take note of for free, public racquetball courts in your area as well as the popularity of the sports. Check online any facilities that offer discount play and other perks.

As usual, identify your pros and your cons in choosing gyms to play racquetball. If you sign in, ensure you comprehend your gymnasium contract so you get the most for your finances while enjoying your favorite sports.

Source by Brent White

How to Make Money Online Writing EBooks

I’ve been a writer for a long time and digital publishing (eBooks) is a way that I’ve earned a lot of my income. I publish webpage content, blog posts and eBooks. All three can be done easily and for free, if you know how to do it.

Writing and publishing eBooks is a great way to earn money from your writing because you can write them on your computer then digitally publish them. This leaves you free to keep on writing more eBooks.

You can also earn money online selling other people’s eBooks.

There are several ways to make money online, whether you have your own books to sell or not.

But without your own eBooks, you’re not completely in control of what you’re doing.

I’ve been an affiliate marketer for years and find it an easy and enjoyable way to earn money.

But because I’m selling eBooks that aren’t mine, I have no control over them.

I was once promoting an affiliate product which was an eBook course on how to be persuasive.

I was happily marketing it to writers who lacked confidence and told them how this product could help them write more persuasive sales pages so they could sell more books.

Everything was going well with this course for a couple of years and I was making regular sales.

Then one day, when I was checking the links on my website, I discovered that the links to this product were broken.

I checked it out and guess what? The product had been withdrawn from the market and was no longer available.

How long it had been gone I didn’t know, and I couldn’t understand why because it was a consistent seller. But now it was gone and there was nothing I could do except remove all the material about it from my website.

That’s why it’s better to have your own eBooks to sell.

Write Your Own eBooks.

eBooks are great because they only need to be written once and they can be sold over and over, AND, the whole selling process can be automated so that customers buy and download your eBooks without you having to do anything – and you earn money from every sale automatically too.

And even if you’ve never written an eBook before it’s still possible to write your own.

Where to Get Ideas

You can write a book on any subject that interests readers. You can even write a book about what you do online.

If you want more ideas you can browse your local library, magazines, blogs, or you can browse (on Amazon) similar books to the one you want to write to get more ideas of what to include in yours. Readers’ reviews are a great source of information of what readers liked and (most importantly) what they didn’t like about the book. It’s surprising how many ideas you can get once you start browsing books online.

Some authors use their own websites as inspiration and re-write all their online content and expand their articles into eBook chapters.

Other eBook authors do it the other way around. They write their eBook and reduce each chapter to an article to put on their website to help promote it.

Selling Your eBook

Once your eBook is written and published you need to spend some time marketing it.

It’s best to have a marketing plan before you write your book, because it saves time later and you can also pre-market it so that people are eager to buy it as soon as it’s available.

And your eBooks don’t have to be huge. Some authors earn money from writing only 20 to 30 pages and selling them as 99cent Kindle eBooks. And what they find is that as long as the book is packed with inspirational and useable information, or they’ve written an entrancing piece of fiction, readers love their eBooks so they keep buying more.

And if you can’t write a book yourself you can always outline your chapters and hire a freelance writer to write it for you.

But whichever way you choose to do it, having your own eBooks to sell is a win-win.

You win because you make money automatically and your customers win because they buy a great eBook and have instant access to it.

So don’t wait any longer.

Start writing and publishing great eBooks

Source by Ruth Barringham