The key to online dating success if your profile. It’s your introduction to your potential date. Most people are uncomfortable writing about themselves so writing their profile can seem like a chore. But if you want to have the best chance of finding love, you’re going to have to do some work.

Here are some tips for creating a perfect online profile.

1. Show. Don’t Tell. What is fun-loving? I see that so often on profiles but what does it actually mean. Don’t leave it to his imagination. If you’re fun-loving give an example of it. Tell him what you do for fun. Be specific. Saying I like to travel doesn’t say much. But saying which countries you’ve been to or your favorite road trip destination makes you seem more interesting.

Don’t just be “active”. Tell what sports you play. List some of your favorite movies. For the perfect online profile you want to be specific when writing your interests and activities. By being detailed you’re allowing your potential date to visualize what it would be like to spend time with you. That will make him want to meet you.

2. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words. This is the first impression your potential date gets of you. Make sure it’s recent and clear. In other words don’t use the Glamour Shot you took 6 years ago. Have at least one close up photo. If you don’t have a photo that you like. Grab a friend and a digital camera. Let them take photos of you doing things you enjoy. Have fun with it.

Don’t include party shots, unless you’re looking for a party boy. Don’t include too many other people in your photos, they can be a distraction. And definitely no pictures with men. Not even a relative or close friend.

3. There’s A Reason For All Those Questions. Every online site is different but most ask you questions about yourself. Many times these can be skipped. And most people do. If you want a perfect online profile, answer the questions. Let your potential date know that you’re serious about dating. Serious enough to take the time to complete your profile. These question are there to help someone narrow down the list of people they’re looking for. So answer as many as you can so that you can spend your time on people who want to meet you.

No one wants to waste time of someone that they’re not compatible with. So be honest. Don’t lie about your age, body type, height, occupation, income or the type of relationship you want. You don’t want your potential date lying about these things and he expects the same from you. Lying here will lead to rejection later. If you think these labels do not accurately describe you. Show it with your photos or write about it in your profile.

If you follow these tips you can have a great profile and be on your way to attracting the type of man you want to be with.

Source by Shoshana Jackson

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