Flirty Girl Fitness Dance Workout DVD

So you want an effective dance workout huh? Well there is one that many women worldwide are falling in love with. It is a program called Flirty Girl Fitness. This is a breakthrough body makeover system that utilizes simple and fun dance moves from popular music videos to help you easily shape your body.

It all starts with the main Flirty Girl slimming and trimming dance party DVD, which is entitled ‘Booty Beat’ This routine is loaded with super sexy routines from your favourite music dance videos, as well as fun awesome music. In the workout ‘Just Teasing’ you then introduce a feather boa and use it to step up the intensity of your workout and improve your results.

The routine ‘Chair Fit’ then takes any ordinary chair and turns it into your own personal fitness workstation that will build the lean muscle that your body needs to burn fat all day long, even while you are not exercising.

You will be surprised to know that club members at physical Flirty Girl Fitness locations such as Toronto and Chicago pay over $1300 every year to enjoy these classes, which are always sold out. However with the new DVD series anyone is able to have the same experience as the club members, in the comfort of your own home.

This workout system is designed to make you feel longer, leaner, sexier and even supple from doing these simple dance routines. If you have a few minutes everyday, you can fit this into your schedule and watch the pounds drop away.

Source by Strive Mazunga

The Best Ab Workout – My 6 Pack System

If you’re like most men around the globe then you have often imagined what it would be like to enjoy 6-pack abs. It’s astonishing that this wish, shared by a lot of men, is realized by so few. From my experience the top factor stopping men from getting 6-pack abs is their diet plan. You simply need to get your body fat under ten percent of your respective body mass. However it would be incorrect to say that you merely ought to lose weight and not train your abs as a way to get a six pack. Below I’m going to introduce the most beneficial ab exercise routine for guys. It is a six pack program that’s going to show you results if you bust your tail, keep it up, and get your body fat percentage below 10%. Oh, plus the best part, this 6-pack program is totally Free!

The Best Ab Workout for Guys – Abs Blueprint 1.0

You read that right. The top ab training routine for men is on the internet, downloadable, and completely free. It is referred to as Abs Blueprint 1.0 and it was created by Rusty Moore of Fitness Black Book. Once you download this ebook you are going to discover the 6 exercises you need to get 6-pack abs along with the one exercise you will need to learn to ensure that you don’t harm your back in your pursuit of perfect abs. Rusty then provides you the actual workouts he and his exercise partners have utilized to attain a fantastic set of 6-pack abs. The best part about this routine (in truth ALL of Rusty’s products) is the fact he’ll teach you the best way to adjust the exercises so that it is possible to produce the most beneficial ab workout to fulfill your needs. He lays out the various aspects to an ab training session, explains when to make use of low rep as opposed to high rep exercises, and when to use quick rep vs slow rep training. He named it a blueprint for a good reason. This really is the most effective ab training routine for guys because it shows you how to modify the 6-pack course to make sure you get results.

The Abs Blueprint 1.0 – A Sample Workout:

• Feet-to-the-bar bent leg raises: 5 sets of 10 reps

• Swinging side-to-side bent knee ups: failure

• Renegade rows: 5 sets of 3 reps

• Planks: regular plank for at least 2 minutes

• Hip or back bridges: 5 minutes

This is a preview of one of the more elite ab exercise sessions inside the blueprint. Do not fret if this appears too challenging. Rusty will teach you various exercises that will ensure you develop strength in your ab muscles and you’ll inevitably work your way up to this elite workout. If you are not really acquainted with the exercises then check out the descriptions below. You are able to get the full exercise and workout descriptions if you pick up Abs Blueprint 1.0.

The most beneficial Ab Workouts for Men – The Abs Blueprint Exercises

Hanging Leg Raises: The hanging leg raise is one of the biggest exercises of the Abs Blueprint 1.0. There are multiple versions of the exercise based upon your level of fitness starting from knee ups and going up toward the feet-to-the-bar bent leg raises. Rusty will show you a nice abs burnout leg raise exercise that will ensure you obtain that v-shaped muscle at your waist.

Planks: Planks are frequently disregarded in ab workout routines for men. This is surprising because they’re one of the most beneficial ab workouts for creating dense, rock solid abs. Rusty features a few variations on this activity as well and he will also show you a method to perform a burnout plank workout routine that is a great finisher.

The Ab Wheel Roll-Outs: Ab wheels are simple, portable type of gear which will really build up muscle in your abs. In Abs Blueprint 1.0 you will discover the best way to work with the ab wheel in a way that is a lot more like a revised plank. This roll-and-hold strategy will significantly challenge your strength and endurance!

Renegade Rows: Though not well known they are really also a excellent exercise for strengthening your core. In addition, they work your obliques harder than the majority of spine bending oblique exercises usually proposed in ab plans. Proper form is important here. Read the blueprint very carefully to make sure you know how to begin using this exercise.

Abs Blueprint 1.0 = My 6-pack system

As you can see, these ab workouts are often very challenging; however, following Rusty Moore’s Abs Blueprint 1.0 plan you will find the best exercise routine for your current level of fitness and then have enough knowledge to strengthen and improve your ab muscles you’ll attain the six pack which you have always desired. Who knew that the best ab workout for men would end up being the one that is free. Go ahead and get a hold of it today.

Source by Jeremy Koch

Pay Attention To Your Fitness

Paying attention to your fitness is important. Why? Well! we do not want to become selfish or self-centered persons. We want to be kind and generous. We want to take care of others. We want to fulfill our responsibilities. But more often we do it on the sake of our own fitness.

We compromise our health in the name of responsibilities. I have watched people who take care of their health as well as their business goals but this only happens in rare cases. Most people who are well passed 40, neglect their health completely, till their body gives the alarming signals. This results into loss of work and the cost of hundreds of dollars.

We all know health is not a minor issue. However, we ignore it completely. I am not saying that you should become worried about your health and stop living happily. I am offering a new vision. You cannot achieve fitness through one hour of workout. Health and fitness is not a matter of hard work and dollars and it should not be that way.

A healthy lifestyle should enable you to live a healthy and long life. For this purpose some minor steps are required. Minor steps that will take some major turns. Eating disorders can make you sick while eating right food at the right time, guarantees a healthy life.

Drinking less water causes dehydration, however, drinking 8 glasses of water daily makes you active and energetic. You can see the pattern. A healthy lifestyle is the direct result of good healthy habits.

So, what is meant by fitness?

Fitness means good health, increased stamina, energetic body and an optimistic overview about life and future.

How to pay attention to fitness?

3 basic factors are involved with your fitness levels.

  • High Stamina/Strength
  • Overall good health
  • Optimism

High Stamina

High stamina can be achieved by joining a gym or doing cardiovascular exercise at home. Do not make it hard for yourself. Just do exercise for 20 to 30 minutes, 3 days in a week.

Tip: If you do not feel energetic or you do not have the strength; feel energetic. Act energetic. Believe in your heart that you are active and full of life. Time will come when you will have greater strength and stamina.

Overall Health

Good health can be achieved by choosing right food plans and appropriate exercise routines. Go to your health expert and seek some good health advice.


Optimism is a way of looking at life. Hope for future achievement is a great asset. Optimism will help you achieve your dreams and a healthy life.

So, take care of this asset and take care of your fitness.

Best of luck!

Source by Jenny J Robert

Muscle Building Tricks For Cheapskates

For lunch, I eat two cans of tuna fish mixed with either Italian dressing, mayo or tartar sauce and bacon bits depending on my mood.

Before I go to bed, I drink a protein shake made with two scoops of protein powder and half & half creamer.

Here’s why:

Those two feedings get me 150 grams of protein, plus plenty of calories and fat. And those two meals get my within striking distance of my goal of 200 grams of protein per day.

But even better, those two feedings only cost me about a dollar per meal – perfect for a regular guy like me with a family to support.

As you might have guessed, I got the ideas for those two meals by studying how old-time bodybuilders ate.

It seems modern day bodybuilders have all the money in the world to throw away on high-priced supplements and gourmet dinners. But the old-time guys had to find ways to build muscle WITHOUT breaking the bank.

So they stuck with the basics. The tried and true meals. Protein shakes with heavy cream. Tuna and mayo. Of course, you might be wondering if eating that much protein in one meal is effective.

Most modern bodybuilding advice will tell you that the body can only absorb 30 grams of protein per meal. This is, of course, hogwash.

Think about it: If you were starving to death and at only one meal consisting of nothing more than 200 grams of protein, do you really think your body would just flush away 170 grams of protein and let you die? Of course not. Your body will adapt to use what it needs to sustain life.

So clearly, the idea of eating only 30 grams of protein per meal is just a myth.

Try my cheap muscle building meals and watch how fast you add lean muscle mass. It ain’t sexy, but it works.

Source by Matt Marshall

How To Get Sexy Six-Pack Abs

Let’s admit it, the ripped muscular look that has been dubbed six-pack abs is very sexy and often admired by many an on-looker. But without the right fitness program, it may take a long time to achieve that sculpted look.

For men, as well as women, fitness includes a program of diet, exercise and adequate rest. The latter is particularly important when trying to lose weight because it helps to lower cortisol levels. During sleep the body repairs and rejuvenates the cells. Getting 7 to 8 hours of rest each night is preferred, but remember if you work out regularly to take at least one day a week to let your body rest and build new muscle.

Diet plays a major role in developing a ripped body. Protein, the building block of every cell in the body, should be eaten at each meal. Protein sources that are low in saturated fat are the best choices and can be found in vegetables and legumes as well as meat. Beans, avocados, and chicken are great examples of low-fat protein.

While rest and diet are important components to fitness, the determining factor to getting six-pack abs is exercise. A plan that includes both cardio and strength training exercises has repeatedly rendered the best results. But in order to get that sculpted muscular look, it’s going to take specific exercises to work that area.

One exercise that works to tighten the abdominal muscles is the abdominal crunch. When doing this exercise and all other exercises as well, keep your core engaged. A Pilates Principle, engaging the core helps to draw in the abdominal muscles, strengthening the back and flattening the belly to provide that ripped six-pack look that is the envy of many athletes and admirers.

Abdominal Crunch

• On a mat, lie flat on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor.

• Place your hands over your ears or lightly behind your head. Do not pull on your neck. You may choose to start with just your right hand over your right ear, while your left arm remains beside your body. This will deter you from pulling on your neck. When you reverse sides, drop your right arm down and put your left hand over your left ear.

• Crunch your midsection up and across as you point your right elbow toward your left knee. (When you reverse sides, your left elbow will be pointing towards your right knee.)

Repeat 8-12 times and reverse sides. Goal: 3 sets.

Source by Karen Ficarelli