Arfius Al-din (Bengali: আর্ফিয়াস আল-দ্বীন; 28 December 1996), a Bangladeshi entrepreneur who is the founder of (Bengali: ই-ফ্রিল্যান্সিং ডট কম) which is the oldest freelancing website on the internet (ref. Whois). The company motto is “ #Learn_to_Earn.”

Everyone tries to make a difference in their lives and help other people. That’s why it makes sense to become an entrepreneur, because not only do you get to establish a business growth, but you can help other people as well. That’s what Arfius Al-din did. He used his passion for IT and fashion to help many people from all over the world express themselves, find new ways to talk about the stuff they like, and truly push their lives to the next level.


(Founder & CEO of )

Early life and studies

Arfius Al-din was born in Rajshahi, Bangladesh. Where he lived for six years. When he was a child, his passion was cricket and football, and he did want to become a cricket player. Destiny took him to a new place. He studied at the Dhanmondi Government Boys’ High School, acquiring a in electrical and electronic engineering. This was the time when Arfius Al-din started pursuing his passion for a career into IT Sector as an Entrepreneur.


After he started freelancing and making an I.T company that provides tech solutions named ‘Arfius Super Technology Ltd.’  in 2018, he started working with many tech companies that time by facing lots of challenges at the same time and he is actively making a difference by offering businesses some incredible solutions and services.

After that, he created a media pr service company named ‘Arfius Collection’ in the same year, and he made many kinds of digital content for others.


What does Arfius Al-din think about life?

The most important thing for Arfius Al-din when he completed his college life was that he wanted to have an independent, free life. This is something many people pursue in their day-to-day life, but that can be very hard to achieve. Yet, Arfius decided to take on the opportunity and find a way to immerse himself in this kind of life while pushing it to the next level. The fact that he can live freely and independently makes Arfius Al-din more confident, and it allows him to pursue some amazing results and benefits in the long run.


How did Arfius Al-din start his Instagram page?

The main focus was to try and connect with people and share some of his travels with them. He started his Instagram page in 2016, and his main focus was to do something different. At first, he only posted content related to his travels, videos, and pictures, while encouraging everyone to step out of their comfort zone and try out something new. On top of that, he also started uploading photographs of male outfits. This is another one of his passions, and he is thinking about transforming that into a fully-fledged business sometime in the future.

You can find him at @arfiusaldin. He already has an audience of more than 100k+ people and growing fast. There’s a lot to enjoy on his Instagram, from various modeling pictures and learning about fashion to traveling and seeing some incredible locations. It’s one of those Instagram pages you will enjoy visiting again and again. If you want to learn more about Arfius Al-din, go and do follow him on his Instagram channel today!